Monday, 28 January 2013

Ponies and Brioche

Oh joy just after my last post I had an email from Craftsy and the Explorations in Brioche knitting class was on special offer. A bargain at just over £9. I have now got the whole barking and burping thing sorted (technical terms for this style of knitting!) so this evening it will be progressing to two colour brioche... watch this space!
My daughter asked me to make her some knitted ponies, I still have some adapting to do but so far have come up with this cute little Shetland pony which my daughter thinks is hilarious..  not the reaction I was hoping for but ..... see what you think?
He does need a comb and a hair trim but the proportions seem to be ok.
I knitted a scarf with some hand dyed wool I have been hoarding for a long while. Got to about 2' long and realised I didn't have enough wool to make it long enough. So off the needles and back to the start with a 
narrower version crochet this time, as it is quicker, I hope!

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