Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Brioche knitting

Well here we are brioche knitting sample mark 4 on the needles and no mistakes  yet! Syncopation attempted and successful on a whole row as you can see in the pictures the dark is thrown to the back and the light comes forward and the opposite in the reverse. 
So glad I invested in the Craftsy Class as well as the book. by Nancy Marchant

Now when I try to do a stitch at a time as though to make a gradiented effect I get into a terrible mess. Back to the book and the class, for more revision. I think I am changing things on the wrong row but we shall see.

The knitting here will become a scarf  I have unpicked so many samples I have nothing to show for hours of practice so a completed item is needed to boost the confidence and get the muscle memory working on this stitch.

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