Saturday, 16 February 2013

Craft Books

I have attachment problems with books. Novels I am happy now to have on my kindle I cant share them easily but can recommend them and as most are around the 20p price it is not too onerous for others to purchase  BUT craft books I covet, usually read a copy from library or if possible or download sample via kindle if I am unsure about purchasing but once in my hand it is very hard to let go. Just maxed out library card on 6 delicious knitting and quilting books and a couple will sad to be returned

My 30 year old Pfaff sewing machine has died, ok I killed it somehow, going to try to get it fixed, needs a new crankshaft I think, or guess so from the noise it makes, also the clutch is slipping. Making do with a £20 slightly broken budget machine for now which keeps breaking the threads and has it's needle stuck on the left hand side so no zig zag either, I usually have it set just for machine embroidery with no feed dogs and stitch length set to 0 and it is fine for experimenting but I need something reliable for regular sewing....Sooooo treated myself to a new machine, very exciting, looking forward to it's arrival on Tuesday.