Thursday, 22 November 2012

Not all knitting

I am in the process of designing a pattern for a pair of fingerless gloves. These have a ruffled cuff and a 2 row simple pattern. In fact I like the pattern so much I am incorporating it into a cardigan I am designing using a stash of wool I have had for years and until now not found a useful project for.

Don't you just love those moment of madness when faced with too good to miss bargain purchases, I often get very strict with myself and refuse to buy any more wool until I use all I have, but don't worry, I soon get over it, there are so many delicious yarns available who can resist. I will post pics of the glove and its partner in progress. I am learning to knit my gloves both at the same time on a pair of circular needles. I can't wait until I finish the pair in progress so I can start a new pair this way. I ordered some circular needles from eBay so I have now two pairs in the sizes I use most often. This will, I hope,  help to resolve my second sock / glove syndrome. I have a very bad dose of it. I am also prone to making up a pattern and forgetting to write it down so when I get to work the partner I am left trying to copy from the finished item! Not an easy thing to do accurately, at least knitting them together it will save that.

Life isn't all knitting. Before the rain fell this morning I took the opportunity to photograph a necklace I made a while ago. I am a huge fan of peyote stitch especially spiral peyote. I used a variety of similar shaded but different sized beads to make a length of beading initially for a necklace. Around 4.5" down the line I realised it was going to be a bulky concoction and I didn't want to create such a thick heavy necklace so.. I fastened off the stitching, threaded it onto a black ready made cord necklace and hey presto, a very different piece that looks good with a T shirt and equally as happy sitting above a sparkly evening dress.
I am now making a few small 'beads' in the same way with some green and cream rocaille beads varying from a 10 to 6 in size. These I will intersperse with some regular beads so we will see what transpires.

Here in South Wales it is very wet and thoughts are with those who are flooded. Stay safe and warm on this cold wet night.

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